Gig Centric Releases New Features for Bands & Large Event Companies

Next generation thinking is hitting the events world. This quarter we’re proud to have rolled out a few important features to help our larger events companies and live music bands. Our newest feature we’ve added allows for event companies and bands looking for event software to default the number of resources assigned to an event from one to four resources. So far our champion users love the feature because it helps get everyone on the same page.

Our other new feature is more for those behind the curtains crunching those numbers. We now allow event owner customers to pay not only their deposits but also final payments at any time. And for our bean counters, we post details of those charges onto the contract for those event customers to help keep them organized. Stay tuned because we are working on the full workflow into accounting programs! Want to make sure your input is heard? Email us now to get your two cents into the next release of features.

Taking credit card charges is a reality in our business and an important convenience to our customers. Gig Centric now allows for mark-ups taken during the deposit and final payments stages. Why is this useful? Are you tired of losing money when a client pays you to merchant charges? Recover the costs of your customers using a credit card merchant system by up charging those surcharges. “As of January 27, 2013, merchants gained that right. Under a federal court case settlement, they can put surcharges of up to 4 percent on Visa and MasterCard transactions -- which account for about 70 percent of credit card purchases -- to cover the cost of card interchange fees, or "swipe fees," according to Michelle Crouch and Fred O. Williams, writers at CreditCards dot com.

What about international transactions and addressing contract language for international transactions? Yes, we heard our users and have updated this to help with your location needs. We now tout users in Scotland, Ireland, England, Canada, Australia and the USA. This is something that we’ve strongly considered on behalf of our and their clients. Not only do you have the ability to input your own contract terms but also our electronic agreements are tailored to help you do business wherever you roam.

About GigCentric:

We have been working as independent bands, DJ’s, videographers, photographers, photo booth operators and wedding and event specialists for more than 25 years. GigCentric was built with inside knowledge on the essential needs of professionals in event management. We focus on what every business owner in the industry needs right away and for the long haul to be successful. Whether you want to start up a side business on the weekends or you are managing a team of ten to fifty employees under different brands, GigCentric can power your business.

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New Gig Centric Features: Users, Roles, Internal Notes, Email Parachute™ & much more…..

Today we launched some new features for all users with Gig Centric.

Over nearly a year, we’ve been lucky to work with solid events companies like yours. And we’ve learned that customers today want a personal experience, so we’ve added some features that will help make your life easier along with some of the people you heavily depend in your events company.

We are 100% focused on you, your wedding and corporate events business and its success. What does that mean? We need you and want your feedback not only with this deployment but also with what features you want in future releases. Believe it or not this release was created for a future customer who was frustrated with the current status quote in our group of competitors. So with this we’re excited to keep the development moving along.

As part of today’s launch, you’ll begin to see new User Roles and Security Functions. That is for those growing companies that have multiple people helping with the event process who need access to certain things but not everything. For example, you have employees who only need planning and package information and not necessarily the balance. Instead, have your sales and customer service agents be in charge of that information.

Our other newest feature we’ve added is has to do with Internal Notes in our Communications Tab. In this area all Gig Centric users are able to document specific facts about client needs and internal needs. This area also documents when employees are assigned to new events (along with being notified via several communication avenues - text, email and superman) from a Sales Agent or Owner/Admin role along with when they accept and commit to new events that are assigned.

Another exciting feature that’s also being added to our Communications Module is our Email Parachute™ feature. In the info tab Gig Centric assigns a specific email address to each client. When you are emailing from a CRM program or your email client (your personal email web address or a free system like Google), you can insert this address into your BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) field and the email will be copied into the Email Parachute™ area within the Communications Module for that specific customer. This is very helpful to all roles within a company to see what’s been communicated, done or not done in that cycle of a customer.

Are you a large company that does over 300 event or more per year? Maybe you aspire to be a high volume events company. We're excited to announce that all of our packages are integrated with HubSpot CRM (free or paid edition). Here is how it works, after turning on this feature, all quotes from the Gig Centric system send all data points into HubSpot CRM upon a possible customer clicking "Send" from our quoting form. This new feature truly can make life a lot easier if you are a high volume company looking to streamline a workflow to have everything in one place.

Finally, we’ve also updated some features in our Owner/Admin import features so that it’s a bit easier to use when you need to import those corporate and bridal show leads.

Interested in sharing your 2 cents on our progress? Wanna see a demo? We're here for you and want your feedback so click on this form and let's set-up a chat.

Gig Centric to Present at Photo Booth Expo 2016

Gig Centric's Matthew Long & John LiCausi are headed to present for Photo Booth Expo at beautiful South Point Hotel, Casino & Spa in Las Vegas April 13, 2016 at 11:00 am. Space is limited and you'll want to reserve your spot to make sure you learn what Matthew & John have to say. A presentation like this has never been done so watch our video to learn about how to find a spot. For more information email us.

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Top 10 Reasons to Attend Photo Booth Expo 2016

The second annual Photo Booth Expo is scheduled for April 10-13, 2016 at the beautiful South Point Hotel, Casino & Spa in Las Vegas. Many of us were thinking how transformative a conference like this could be a for a new company. Here’s our top ten reasons why we think you should attend:

Gig Centric at Photo Booth Expo

10. Night Life

Everyone needs balance to have a successful business. Give yourself a break and take in all the scenes that Las Vegas has to offer. From gambling to live shows being a part of the community of photo boothers while having some fun will help you create memories that will last a lifetime.

9. Find Answers To Common Questions

Many are already on Facebook within special industry related Facebook groups. However, many professional organizations offer learning sessions with industry equipment resellers; offer resources for insurance and other business related memberships and subscriptions along with highlighting new product roll-outs.

8. Learn New Trends

Trends are what help you differentiate your business. Some are short-lived and others are here to stay. Expose yourself now to be cutting edge and forget about catching up later.

7. Networking

Meet professionals from all around the globe. Share new trends and tidbits to help make each other better. Ultimately join a thriving community of passionate small business owners.

6. Showcase Yourself to Become an Industry Leader

Transitioning yourself into a leader in your industry not only can increase your business but also open up new opportunities.

5. Gain Access to Industry Leveraged Programs

Find insurance for your business, join a professional organization, find new conferences and so much more.

4. Make Yourself More Marketable Through Differentiation

Jack Trout, a marketing legend, has written countless books on why not to compete on price. When a company does that though there is nothing left to compete on. Attending photo booth expo ensures that you will have new tricks up your sleeve.

3. Provide Assurances to Your Clients That You Practice Industry Best Practices

Being a part of an industry group is also a sign of quality to new potential customers. It shows your potential client’s that you care and have professional standards.

2. Become a Subject Matter Expert (SME)

Specialize in your craft. It will open new doors and also give you opportunities that you’ve never imagined.

1. Feed Your Passion

You are either growing or dying. What do you want to do?

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About Photo Booth Expo:

Photo Booth Expo is put on by Rob Savickis & Ryan Burger. Both tenured professionals in both the Mobile DJ and Photo Booth industries. This show is for both new and experienced photo booth professionals. Photo Booth Expo runs April 11-13, 2016 at South Point Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. For more information visit

About GigCentric:

We have been working as independent DJ’s, photo booth operators and wedding and event specialists for more than 25 years. GigCentric was built with inside knowledge on the essential needs of professionals in event management. We focus on what every business owner in the industry needs right away and for the long haul to be successful. Whether you want to start up a side business on the weekends or you are managing a team of ten employees under different brands, Gigcentric can power your business.

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Top 10 things to think about before starting an Events Business

 1. Research the competition

Greetings and welcome to GigCentric’s blog. We make tools for your events business. Get Gigs, Build Your Business and We’ll Take Care Of The Rest. Give us a Spin… The following post is the first of 10 blog entries in our mini series on The Top 10 Things to Think About Before Starting an Events Business. With any great idea, one should spend time thinking about the idea and completing the necessary research before investing hard earned cash. There is no doubt that when an individual finds their calling into either being a weekend warrior or a full-time events professional it can be one of the most exciting days of that person’s life.

I know from my own experience that once I entered into the DJ business over 24 years ago that booking a new gig was one of the best feelings I have had ever. The nervousness of talking to that first client, explaining why my service is the best, to the time period between that first conversation of being advised the client is reserving me to the impatientness of me waiting on the mailman to deliver the deposit and signed contract to seal the deal on a new job. (For those of you who were born with a computer in house this time period occurred before the Internet and Email was used for business) Booking a new event made me feel great! Although some things in the our industry have remained the same, there is a plethora of new things that have changed. Although there are few barriers to entry into this type of business, the cost of good quality equipment has continued to be on the rise.

Before one decides to enter the events industry it is important to determine if this truly is a market that needs another events business. A few years ago I thought that the photo booths were a fad and now today it’s seldom that a party is thrown without one. However, keep in mind that if there are a slew of companies operating in the market, it might be better to try to find a company looking to train good talent. If you believe that you do better at taking direction from others becoming a part of another company is a much cheaper alternative and it will save tens of thousands of dollars.

On the other hand if you know the competition, have an niche for leadership with a Type A personality, the timing might be right for a new company to enter the market. Make sure you know what the region charges for events along with what differentiates each company. (Makes notes for yourself to reference and continue every year to reference and update these notes.) For example, does one company offer Video Disc Jockeying at their events versus a free “Add On” for a hot light? Determine where your strategy will fall. Do you want to charge your future customers a premium and work only a few events per year? Or maybe a more realistic approach might be to find the low-end of the regions rates and start charging a bit above those rates. That way the more events that you do the more experience you can bring to your new clients.

Make sure that your prices are not too low. In many instances new business owners come into the market not truly understanding how the pricing of a service is created and what the market rates are during the year. You will find that if your price is too low that your competition will be less likely to invite you into their professional groups. Networking is important as it can open new doors to business and also possible partnerships.

Not sure how to find your competition? Let’s start with a hint, where do you think DJ’s advertise in your area? Is it in a wedding book, telephone book, online web site portal for your preferred target market? In different areas, different advertising mediums work differently so get to know your area. First think like a bride or your target customer and ask around to some of the venues in the area. Is there an upcoming wedding show that you might attend? Maybe you can find someone there to give you some more ideas or just stayed tuned in to our blog and we’ll keep you on the right track.

Have additional details to share? Email us at How do you research your competition?

2. Find a name - include web site and email address

Finding a name for your business can be fun. This is a decision that should not be taken lightly as a name can make or break a business even before it earns its first dollar. In the events industry there are many companies who share their names. This sometimes is by a known chance or by an unknown chance.

If you are clever enough to create a name that says everything about what your business is and has to offer it can speak volumes and continue to be a dividend in creating a strong brand. For example, Google is a brand that has not only captivated the USA but also the world. Now most people say “I Googled it” and everyone knows that term versus what truly happened which was “I searched for the topic on the Internet”.

Everyone has a different goal with their business name. Just remember to make sure you inventory of services that you will need to operate with will be available. Here with GigCentric, you have the ability to sign-up for your own URL and have our strong powered brand behind or use our white label package too. For example, is your URL for your web site available? One can check Will you use social media tools like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube? What about other services? Check out namechk to find out if your name will be available.

4. Find a mentor 

Mentors are useful to provide insight as to what is important and not important when starting up a in a new industry. Ideally, find a local events company who has many years of experience. This person could possibly be towards the end of his or her career if they’ve done it long enough and have been successful. In most cases these individuals understand your intentions and also that helping you start your business is something that someone else most likely did back in the day when they started their business.

Mentors are also useful for helping direct you to what industry news to be following, where to purchase equipment. If you are able to find a good mentor it will be important to be thankful to that person for their time and knowledge. Never forget that a simple thank you note can go along way for invaluable information that is most likely not published in a book or on the internet waiting to be harvested.

3. Draft a business plan

Okay this one seems to be odd listed as number three but it is truly important and will help you address many of those business items that just plain need to be thought about. Specifically, do you want to protect yourself and the family nest egg? How will you finance this new business? What if someone tries to file a lawsuit against you? How will you defend yourself? What equipment do you need versus what equipment you want down the road? How do you see sales for your business in the future?

Another great question is will you have a partner? If so an agreed business plan is imperative. It will set your and the business partner’s expectations for operations on paper while also protecting each other against odd behavior and how each person will handle operations in case the business fails. The business plan is also nice to help each person understand what assets will be divided in various scenarios. Let’s face it in todays world it is important to plan for the unexpected and have a plan in place.

For information on business plans check out the following:

US Small Business Administration

Entrepreneur dot com resource 

4. Find a good accountant 

Money coming in and money going out. The goal is to save and pay oneself as much as possible while having a great time running your events company. The unfortunate reality though for any business is that as long as we are using the United States or another country’s money, it’s an individual’s responsibility who runs a business to make sure taxes are paid correctly and on time.

Take a proactive approach to starting this new business by staying ethical and reporting your income. The value an accountant can bring to one’s business sometimes is immeasurable. He or she knows current laws that might help with offsetting your revenue with qualified expenses.

Need to find a Certified Public Accountant? Here’s a link to the American Institute of CPA’s. -

4. Find a good attorney

Why? Set up your business right the first time. An attorney will help you determine what type of business entity you need. For example, is an LLC the right formation for you or are you shooting for the stars and want to incorporate.

Attorneys also have the know how to help protect your new business’s name. Most new business owners do not want to share their new name with another person starting a new events business. If you have the means and resources trademark your company’s name. This can be done by hiring an attorney or using a third party resource such as Legal Zoom.

5. Find industry events and conferences to attend

Want to join other people like yourself in learning about new cutting edge ideas in the events industry? Conferences are one of the best places to invest in yourself and gain an opportunity to meet some veterans and other new professionals who might be wrestling with some of the same questions that you are thinking about too.

6. Define your target market or specific demographic

That’s a lot of marketing jargon but essentially it will be important to know what type of events you want to work. Are you interested in school events, face painting events, corporate events or weddings? Maybe all of those! Then it will be important to define your marketing to target the decision makers who help organize each different target area.

Understanding who your ideal customer is will help you build your business service capabilities according to those customer’s needs and wants.

7. Research advertising channels

How will you advertise your new business. Will you spend your marketing dollar online with web sites, search engine marketing, the telephone book, event web site portals or by lettering the sides of your vehicle? Obtaining the best return on investment is important especially in our competitive economy.

8. Find a good designer or create yourself design standards 

One of the biggest mistakes many members of the events industry make are creating great web sites that don’t match the rest of one’s company. For example, the logo used in the web site is different than the logo used on the marketing print advertisements handed out at the wedding or business expos and the business card information is not current.

Another common mistake is that many people do not update their marketing or their web sites enough. Once you achieve success make sure to keep up with the times and continually be updating your site and marketing to be current and a true reflection of who you are and what your business stands for in its daily operations.

Many of us work other jobs and do not have the luxury of being a full-time business operator. Wouldn’t that be nice though if we could figure out a way to leave that 9-5 job? Of course and to make sure you get yourself on that road visit a designer or a marketing agency to help you create a marketing plan which is consistent and reflects upon everything great about you and your business.

If you are unable to afford another professional to help you in your quest to take over the your local market. Create yourself a design standards book. This book will help remind you of what is expected out of the branding that you use for your web site, print materials, business cards, any uniforms you might wear, etc. The design standards book can be integrated as an extension to the business plan.

9. Set-up business bank accounts for checking and savings

Why? So you don’t mix your personal money with your business money. Always remember to take a salary for yourself. Working for free is and should never be the goal for the weekend warrior! Having these accounts separate will allow you to stay financially organized while not overspending your personal money or your business money.

10. Find a good equipment supplier

Let’s face it, relationships in business are important and a good equipment sales person can make your life easier. He or she will not only help you find the equipment that you need but also be a source you can tap into when you face new problems expanding your successful business or answering questions about how to install new equipment or new ideas for equipment that will help you differentiate yourself.

There are some really big stores out there for purchasing event equipment and there are some smaller stores out there that specialize in excellent and personable customer service. The two options are really different and if you think you might be in business for a long long time then I would suggest finding that local company who provides you with good quality, prices and a good service oriented relationship.

Do More of What You Love With Our Studio Management Software

Whether you are a photographer or a videographer staying on top of your work and doing customer service can be a juggling act. Your businesses are so much different than any other vendor because 50% of your work is completed at the event and then your other 50% of your editing work happens when no one is looking. On top of that then you have to return emails, calls and fulfill orders. It’s a true circus but one that gives you that “lifestyle” you’ve been looking for your whole life. Don't let the daily grind of pursuing your passions get you down. Gig Centric has a solution to free up some of your time and stay organized too. If you are currently looking for a new web site and a Studio Management Software system consider Gig Centric’s Professional Website Builder & Event Management System package.

We designed Gig Centric Studio Management Software with you mind:

  • 100% Web Cloud Based. Nothing to download.
  • Track your client's communication, workflows and paperwork from start to close all in one portal.
  • Gig Centric works on your Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad, Tablet and Mobile device. (Search engines love us too!)
  • Smooth workflows for your clients. Client’s have their own planning area optimized for every device. Let them plan out their event using our system. Create customized planning questions to help you execute at a high performance level.
  • Digital quotes to digital contracts and payment interfaces. Your life just became easier. Time to head out for some me time!
  • Reach your new customer first before your competition with our texting and communication modules. Our 24 years in the events business has demonstrated the quicker you are in front of that perspective lead the faster you will close the sale. More sales equal a happier business.
  • Stay organized with our queues to differentiate a lead versus an active client.
Gig Centric photography studio management software is driven to exceed your expectations. Want a free demo? We’ll even export your data into our system for free. Free? Absolutely 100% FREE! Want a free trial? Email today and let’s start a discussion how we can enable your studio. We’ll guarantee you’ll love this product or your money back. Studio Management Software