How videography business owners can spend less time on admin

Photo by Corinne Kutz on Unsplash Photo by Corinne Kutz on Unsplash

We bet you didn’t get into the videography business to spend most of your time managing admin tasks? But that’s exactly what can happen.

You get bogged down juggling the day to day administration and marketing when all you want to do is focus on your core offering. Shifting gears and doing things a little differently in your videography business has the potential to transform your daily schedule, keeping you on track with what really matters; creating amazing videos.

Automate leads and bookings

No matter what business we’re in, it’s no secret chasing and maintaining a flow of leads and bookings is an incredibly tedious job, one that can involve a lot of manual work.

Automating the booking and lead process as much as possible will literally give you back hours in your day and more money in the bank. It’s likely the lead generation you currently have in place is an enquiry form embedded into your website. Customers who are interested a videography package pop their details in and hit submit.

Then what? You need spend time transferring that information to your customer relationship management platform, preparing the quote and responding to the customer. As your business grows, this will undoubtedly become a very time consuming, unproductive task.

The answer? Automate. Automate. Automate.

Gig Centric offers a fully automated booking system and when a prospect enters their details, all lead information is captured and a quote is automatically generated. For example, a potential customer is looking for a videographer and views your site. The prospect is interested and after filling out their information and date of the event, they are automatically taken to the quote screen and the opportunity reserve your videography services is available with a click of one button. Immediately, Gig Centric software alerts you or your team that there is a new customer quote and possible booking.

The speed even allows you to contact the prospect while he/she is still on the website. A great way to demonstrate fast customer service!

For more information or for a free demonstration email

Introduce electronic contracts

Doing away with paper contracts will be a huge time-saver for your videography business. Contracts no longer need to be signed, shipped and filed in paper format. Hello, it’s 2017.

Electronic contracts are the way to go for any savvy business owner. Electronic contracts don’t just save time and prevent important documents from getting lost in transit, they also increase the speed of locking in a contract.

This means the client won’t continue shopping around and move along to one of your competitors. We want to help you get onboard with electronic contracts so Gig Centric event management software integrates seamlessly with e-commerce web platform Stripe. Integrate your Stripe account with Gig Centric and your clients can sign contracts quickly and easily through a secure e-commerce system. You’re welcome.

Get efficient with email

Combing through your inbox looking for email conversations with clients about booking details is a seriously inefficient way to manage client communications. Not to mention a great way to lose track and let important things slip through the cracks.

Gig Centric to the rescue.

Our software provides you with a central repository where any email sent out by either you or your team is captured and automatically attached to the client's record. It’s easy to keep track of everything you need to know about a client in one place. No more creating 100’s of email folders in Outlook!

It’s also a lifesaver if a staff member who’s been handling the booking is out sick, the client calls through and you need to know the status of their booking quickly.

Be the first to wow the bride, beat your competitors to the booking

Photo credit: Anne Edgar @anneedgarphoto Photo credit: Anne Edgar @anneedgarphoto

This is the era of the digital DIY wedding. Brides want to plan their entire wedding online quicker than you can say ‘download the app’. For wedding and event providers, competition to book gigs and services is fierce. As a vendor, you need to be the first to wow the bride to beat out your competition and here’s how Gig Centric can help.

Create a great first, virtual impression

More and more couples are booking wedding services from their phone or laptop. The internet has turned brides into savvy DIY wedding planners, opting to make bookings themselves over hiring a planner.

What does this mean for you as a wedding vendor?

First online impressions matter and you need to create the wow factor quickly. You’ve got less than a matter of minutes to capture a potential client’s attention before they refresh google and move onto the competition.

Let Gig Centric create the perfect introduction to you and your services.  Our professional platform showcases your services in a convenient all-inclusive package. With everything the bride to be needs in one place, there’s no need to click across to a competitors website.

Help busy brides manage their enormous to-do lists

It's 11am in the office. The bride has a mountain of paperwork but she’s surfing the net looking for the DJ. Work is waiting, the boss is hovering and she desperate to get 'BOOK DJ' checked off her list.

Teaming with Gig Centric as one of our trusted vendors, your business is open around the clock. Whether it’s a frantic 11am ‘I should really be working’ google session at the office or a caffeine-fuelled online hunt at  am, brides can discover you 24/7 and book a service.

Better still, you’ll get all the benefits of a package flow-on effect, even if the client wasn’t searching for the type of service you offer, you’ll be introduced as part of one of our amazing packages! 

Get it checked off the list with your service and the competition won't even get a look in.

Instant confirmation stops a move to a competitor

What’s better than getting it checked off the list? Getting confirmation it’s been checked off the list!

Gig Centric won’t leave brides waiting around for a call back, wondering what the status is and then moving on to a competitor in frustration. Savvy and seamless booking confirmation and conveniently packaged services will soothe a stressed out bride, leaving her free to move along to other wedding details.

Stay on top of your bookings and scale your business

Gig Centric booking technology won’t only make the booking process easier for your customers, our dashboard will help you keep on top of your reservations and status of your business easily. After the bride lets us know the package she’s after, we send a quote online right away. If the quote is accepted, we active the booking immediately and take the client straight through to the contract. You’ll be notified immediately via email and text of your new client booking and all the details.  Our technology gives you valuable insight into your most popular service and most requested time slots. Take advantage of customer data to see what your customers really want and create offerings to meet those needs.

Gig Centric Releases New Features for Bands & Large Event Companies

Next generation thinking is hitting the events world. This quarter we’re proud to have rolled out a few important features to help our larger events companies and live music bands. Our newest feature we’ve added allows for event companies and bands looking for event software to default the number of resources assigned to an event from one to four resources. So far our champion users love the feature because it helps get everyone on the same page.

Our other new feature is more for those behind the curtains crunching those numbers. We now allow event owner customers to pay not only their deposits but also final payments at any time. And for our bean counters, we post details of those charges onto the contract for those event customers to help keep them organized. Stay tuned because we are working on the full workflow into accounting programs! Want to make sure your input is heard? Email us now to get your two cents into the next release of features.

Taking credit card charges is a reality in our business and an important convenience to our customers. Gig Centric now allows for mark-ups taken during the deposit and final payments stages. Why is this useful? Are you tired of losing money when a client pays you to merchant charges? Recover the costs of your customers using a credit card merchant system by up charging those surcharges. “As of January 27, 2013, merchants gained that right. Under a federal court case settlement, they can put surcharges of up to 4 percent on Visa and MasterCard transactions -- which account for about 70 percent of credit card purchases -- to cover the cost of card interchange fees, or "swipe fees," according to Michelle Crouch and Fred O. Williams, writers at CreditCards dot com.

What about international transactions and addressing contract language for international transactions? Yes, we heard our users and have updated this to help with your location needs. We now tout users in Scotland, Ireland, England, Canada, Australia and the USA. This is something that we’ve strongly considered on behalf of our and their clients. Not only do you have the ability to input your own contract terms but also our electronic agreements are tailored to help you do business wherever you roam.

About GigCentric:

We have been working as independent bands, DJ’s, videographers, photographers, photo booth operators and wedding and event specialists for more than 25 years. GigCentric was built with inside knowledge on the essential needs of professionals in event management. We focus on what every business owner in the industry needs right away and for the long haul to be successful. Whether you want to start up a side business on the weekends or you are managing a team of ten to fifty employees under different brands, GigCentric can power your business.

For more information contact Gig Centric

New Gig Centric Features: Users, Roles, Internal Notes, Email Parachute™ & much more…..

Today we launched some new features for all users with Gig Centric.

Over nearly a year, we’ve been lucky to work with solid events companies like yours. And we’ve learned that customers today want a personal experience, so we’ve added some features that will help make your life easier along with some of the people you heavily depend in your events company.

We are 100% focused on you, your wedding and corporate events business and its success. What does that mean? We need you and want your feedback not only with this deployment but also with what features you want in future releases. Believe it or not this release was created for a future customer who was frustrated with the current status quote in our group of competitors. So with this we’re excited to keep the development moving along.

As part of today’s launch, you’ll begin to see new User Roles and Security Functions. That is for those growing companies that have multiple people helping with the event process who need access to certain things but not everything. For example, you have employees who only need planning and package information and not necessarily the balance. Instead, have your sales and customer service agents be in charge of that information.

Our other newest feature we’ve added is has to do with Internal Notes in our Communications Tab. In this area all Gig Centric users are able to document specific facts about client needs and internal needs. This area also documents when employees are assigned to new events (along with being notified via several communication avenues - text, email and superman) from a Sales Agent or Owner/Admin role along with when they accept and commit to new events that are assigned.

Another exciting feature that’s also being added to our Communications Module is our Email Parachute™ feature. In the info tab Gig Centric assigns a specific email address to each client. When you are emailing from a CRM program or your email client (your personal email web address or a free system like Google), you can insert this address into your BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) field and the email will be copied into the Email Parachute™ area within the Communications Module for that specific customer. This is very helpful to all roles within a company to see what’s been communicated, done or not done in that cycle of a customer.

Are you a large company that does over 300 event or more per year? Maybe you aspire to be a high volume events company. We're excited to announce that all of our packages are integrated with HubSpot CRM (free or paid edition). Here is how it works, after turning on this feature, all quotes from the Gig Centric system send all data points into HubSpot CRM upon a possible customer clicking "Send" from our quoting form. This new feature truly can make life a lot easier if you are a high volume company looking to streamline a workflow to have everything in one place.

Finally, we’ve also updated some features in our Owner/Admin import features so that it’s a bit easier to use when you need to import those corporate and bridal show leads.

Interested in sharing your 2 cents on our progress? Wanna see a demo? We're here for you and want your feedback so click on this form and let's set-up a chat.

Gig Centric to Present at Photo Booth Expo 2016

Gig Centric's Matthew Long & John LiCausi are headed to present for Photo Booth Expo at beautiful South Point Hotel, Casino & Spa in Las Vegas April 13, 2016 at 11:00 am. Space is limited and you'll want to reserve your spot to make sure you learn what Matthew & John have to say. A presentation like this has never been done so watch our video to learn about how to find a spot. For more information email us.

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Top 10 Reasons to Attend Photo Booth Expo 2016

The second annual Photo Booth Expo is scheduled for April 10-13, 2016 at the beautiful South Point Hotel, Casino & Spa in Las Vegas. Many of us were thinking how transformative a conference like this could be a for a new company. Here’s our top ten reasons why we think you should attend:

Gig Centric at Photo Booth Expo

10. Night Life

Everyone needs balance to have a successful business. Give yourself a break and take in all the scenes that Las Vegas has to offer. From gambling to live shows being a part of the community of photo boothers while having some fun will help you create memories that will last a lifetime.

9. Find Answers To Common Questions

Many are already on Facebook within special industry related Facebook groups. However, many professional organizations offer learning sessions with industry equipment resellers; offer resources for insurance and other business related memberships and subscriptions along with highlighting new product roll-outs.

8. Learn New Trends

Trends are what help you differentiate your business. Some are short-lived and others are here to stay. Expose yourself now to be cutting edge and forget about catching up later.

7. Networking

Meet professionals from all around the globe. Share new trends and tidbits to help make each other better. Ultimately join a thriving community of passionate small business owners.

6. Showcase Yourself to Become an Industry Leader

Transitioning yourself into a leader in your industry not only can increase your business but also open up new opportunities.

5. Gain Access to Industry Leveraged Programs

Find insurance for your business, join a professional organization, find new conferences and so much more.

4. Make Yourself More Marketable Through Differentiation

Jack Trout, a marketing legend, has written countless books on why not to compete on price. When a company does that though there is nothing left to compete on. Attending photo booth expo ensures that you will have new tricks up your sleeve.

3. Provide Assurances to Your Clients That You Practice Industry Best Practices

Being a part of an industry group is also a sign of quality to new potential customers. It shows your potential client’s that you care and have professional standards.

2. Become a Subject Matter Expert (SME)

Specialize in your craft. It will open new doors and also give you opportunities that you’ve never imagined.

1. Feed Your Passion

You are either growing or dying. What do you want to do?

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About Photo Booth Expo:

Photo Booth Expo is put on by Rob Savickis & Ryan Burger. Both tenured professionals in both the Mobile DJ and Photo Booth industries. This show is for both new and experienced photo booth professionals. Photo Booth Expo runs April 11-13, 2016 at South Point Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. For more information visit

About GigCentric:

We have been working as independent DJ’s, photo booth operators and wedding and event specialists for more than 25 years. GigCentric was built with inside knowledge on the essential needs of professionals in event management. We focus on what every business owner in the industry needs right away and for the long haul to be successful. Whether you want to start up a side business on the weekends or you are managing a team of ten employees under different brands, Gigcentric can power your business.

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