Gig Centric Releases New Features for Bands & Large Event Companies

Next generation thinking is hitting the events world. This quarter we’re proud to have rolled out a few important features to help our larger events companies and live music bands. Our newest feature we’ve added allows for event companies and bands looking for event software to default the number of resources assigned to an event from one to four resources. So far our champion users love the feature because it helps get everyone on the same page.

Our other new feature is more for those behind the curtains crunching those numbers. We now allow event owner customers to pay not only their deposits but also final payments at any time. And for our bean counters, we post details of those charges onto the contract for those event customers to help keep them organized. Stay tuned because we are working on the full workflow into accounting programs! Want to make sure your input is heard? Email us now to get your two cents into the next release of features.

Taking credit card charges is a reality in our business and an important convenience to our customers. Gig Centric now allows for mark-ups taken during the deposit and final payments stages. Why is this useful? Are you tired of losing money when a client pays you to merchant charges? Recover the costs of your customers using a credit card merchant system by up charging those surcharges. “As of January 27, 2013, merchants gained that right. Under a federal court case settlement, they can put surcharges of up to 4 percent on Visa and MasterCard transactions — which account for about 70 percent of credit card purchases — to cover the cost of card interchange fees, or “swipe fees,” according to Michelle Crouch and Fred O. Williams, writers at CreditCards dot com.

What about international transactions and addressing contract language for international transactions? Yes, we heard our users and have updated this to help with your location needs. We now tout users in Scotland, Ireland, England, Canada, Australia and the USA. This is something that we’ve strongly considered on behalf of our and their clients. Not only do you have the ability to input your own contract terms but also our electronic agreements are tailored to help you do business wherever you roam.

About GigCentric:

We have been working as independent bands, DJ’s, videographers, photographers, photo booth operators and wedding and event specialists for more than 25 years. GigCentric was built with inside knowledge on the essential needs of professionals in event management. We focus on what every business owner in the industry needs right away and for the long haul to be successful. Whether you want to start up a side business on the weekends or you are managing a team of ten to fifty employees under different brands, GigCentric can power your business.

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