In The Know, Why GigCentric’s Better Than The Rest

Can you imagine not changing anything in your software for over a 12-year period? Just creating a niche product and not taking care of it? That would be like having a child, a really smart and great looking child and not giving him a bath, feeding him healthy foods and providing him any discipline at all. Some of us have unfortunately seen some of those children out there and after a while, well, they stink like fish.

Gig Centric was created with you in mind. Yes, you, that professional who either is that weekend warrior, full time warrior or that dreamer thinking about starting something up. Whether you are a face painter or a videographer or any type of events specialists, we’ve built Gig Centric with you in mind. It’s not heavily bloated with features that you won’t use nor is it lacking not enough features. It’s just right. We won’t send you mean emails that say you should be running your business differently and checking your information on a Wednesday as opposed to the night before your gig because it might crash the “system”.

Remember that baby, yes, well you have a say in how this kid grows up! We want our users to drive what happens next in Gig Centric. That’s right, can you imagine having a say in how we continue to take care of this beautiful product? Some companies have done this successfully and we strive to be that for you. Not only will we be open to custom development but also including our community into voting for features. This is all about you!

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