New Gig Centric Features: Users, Roles, Internal Notes, Email Parachute™ & much more…..

Today we launched some new features for all users with Gig Centric.

Over nearly a year, we’ve been lucky to work with solid events companies like yours. And we’ve learned that customers today want a personal experience, so we’ve added some features that will help make your life easier along with some of the people you heavily depend in your events company.

We are 100% focused on you, your wedding and corporate events business and its success. What does that mean? We need you and want your feedback not only with this deployment but also with what features you want in future releases. Believe it or not this release was created for a future customer who was frustrated with the current status quote in our group of competitors. So with this we’re excited to keep the development moving along.

As part of today’s launch, you’ll begin to see new User Roles and Security Functions. That is for those growing companies that have multiple people helping with the event process who need access to certain things but not everything. For example, you have employees who only need planning and package information and not necessarily the balance. Instead, have your sales and customer service agents be in charge of that information.

Our other newest feature we’ve added is has to do with Internal Notes in our Communications Tab. In this area all Gig Centric users are able to document specific facts about client needs and internal needs. This area also documents when employees are assigned to new events (along with being notified via several communication avenues – text, email and superman) from a Sales Agent or Owner/Admin role along with when they accept and commit to new events that are assigned.

Another exciting feature that’s also being added to our Communications Module is our Email Parachute™ feature. In the info tab Gig Centric assigns a specific email address to each client. When you are emailing from a CRM program or your email client (your personal email web address or a free system like Google), you can insert this address into your BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) field and the email will be copied into the Email Parachute™ area within the Communications Module for that specific customer. This is very helpful to all roles within a company to see what’s been communicated, done or not done in that cycle of a customer.

Are you a large company that does over 300 event or more per year? Maybe you aspire to be a high volume events company. We’re excited to announce that all of our packages are integrated with HubSpot CRM (free or paid edition). Here is how it works, after turning on this feature, all quotes from the Gig Centric system send all data points into HubSpot CRM upon a possible customer clicking “Send” from our quoting form. This new feature truly can make life a lot easier if you are a high volume company looking to streamline a workflow to have everything in one place.

Finally, we’ve also updated some features in our Owner/Admin import features so that it’s a bit easier to use when you need to import those corporate and bridal show leads.

Interested in sharing your 2 cents on our progress? Wanna see a demo? We’re here for you and want your feedback so click on this form and let’s set-up a chat.

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