One Cool, Phenomenal, Time Saving, Makes You Smile DJ Software Feature by GigCentric

When I started my DJ career over 23 years ago, I remember the feelings I had about learning the industry. I also had many personal obstacles to overcome. For example, learning how to persuade people in the sales process. Yes, I had to convince couples that a 12 year old could not only DJ their wedding but also emcee it. Can you imagine?

And back then we did not have digital music. This was the beginning of the compact disc era that lasted too long. I remember being a member of BMG and Columbia House music clubs. Heck, every person in my family and every friend I had were signed up for me. Securing music was expensive!

Even now with the digital age, music preparation before an event is a time consuming event. For some it’s painful because we know there has to be a better way to prepare our music for events. One exciting, phenomenal, time saving, makes you giggle and smile feature we offer our DJ software clients is our Spotify Integration.

Imagine this, your bride and groom visit your website or our website, login to our Event Management System and select their music in our Music Module. In this module your customers are able to create a Starred Playlist for those songs that just have to be played that night, a do not playlist and then a list of songs they’d like played if you are able to get to it.

Now once you’ve decided to start prepping for their event you log into GigCentric, select the client, click on the Music Module, and click our Create Playlist in Spotify button. Thirty seconds later your music has been harvested in a playlist folder. Yes, it’s that easy!

Have an idea? Email us today and let’s start a discussion how we can enable you and your DJ / Entertainment company to become more efficient.

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